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Dr. João Merighi

Latersolo Engineering

   Executive Vice-President

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Dr. Rita Moura Fortes

Manaus Federal University

Board of Governors

                Founder                           Waheed Uddin            Waheed Uddin         Uni.of Mississippi (deceased)                 Founder                                      download           Paulo Pereira            Uni. do Minho                 Founder                                Alan_Woodside_Obe           Alan Woodside              Ulster Uni. Immediate Past President             arirang_photo_reducedDr. Hosin “David” Lee University of Iowa                                      Tien F. Fwa               Tien F. Fwa                 National Uni. of Singapore Vice President (EC) – North AmericaCarlos M Chang            Carlos M Chang           Uni. of Texas at El Paso
  Vice President (EC) –        Africa            Wynand Steyn           Wynand Steyn            Uni. of Pretoria      Vice President (EC) – Australia & NZ    Arun Kumar        Arun Kumar       Queensland Uni. of Tech. Brisbane Vice President (EC) –       Asia Far East        Soo An Kwon     Soon An Kwon        Korean Institute of Civil Engineering & Building Technology (KICT) Vice President (EC) – South East Asia Christiane RaabSaravut Jaritngam     Prince of Songkla University Vice President (EC) – Middle Easttaha.ahmed     Taha Ahmed     Austrailian College of Kuwait
Vice President (EC) –   EuropeChristiane Raab   Christiane Raab       EMPA, Switzerland Vice President (EC) –     South America        Angel Gomez         Instituto de la Construcción y Gerencia (ICG), Peru Vice President (EC) –    Central America Soo An Kwon       Benjamin Colucci       University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez Vice President (EC) –China

Han Sen   Chang’an University

Vice President (EC) –         Canada       Susan Tighe          University of Waterloo
Vice President (EC)- ElectedYoon-Ho Cho           Yoon-Ho Cho          Chung-Ang University  Vice President (EC) –Elected    Chia-Pei Chou    Chia-Pei Chou      National Taiwan Uni.

The Board of Governors has the main role of establishing the policy for the International Society; all major matters of policy require its approval.The Board of Governors shall consist of a maximum of 20 members, which include the four Founders, the twelve Officers of the Executive Council, the immediate Past President of the society, and three elected members; each serving a term of 4 years (January 2016 – December 2019, fourth term).The Board of Governors assigns management power to the President and Executive Council.

The Executive Council shall assist the President in the interpretation and implementation of the Board of Governors Resolutions and in the effective administration of the affairs of the International Society.The Executive Council shall consist of the President, the Executive Vice-President and the  Vice Presidents (International Delegates); each serving a term of 4 years (January 2016 – December 2019, fourth term).

Standing Committees: All iSMARTi members are encouraged to participate and contribute in the scholarly and professional activities of the society through one or more of its standing committees. Any voting member can apply for any OPEN committee chair position by sending a 2-page resume to [email protected], which include current position and address, highlights of education and projects, key publications, and statement of interest. The nomination and membership committee makes the final decision

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 iSMARTi meeting at MairePave8 2016 Singapore