2022 iSMARTi Award Recipients

iSMARTi organized the Fifth International Conference on Transport Infrastructures (ICTI5) on August 10-13, 2022, in Lima, Peru. The conference was very successful with over 150 people registered for the conference. The following individuals were recognized during the ICTI5 conference for their legacy worldwide in transportation, education and research significantly contributing to the socioeconomic development in developed and developing countries, worthwhile emulating for present and future generation of transportation professionals as follows:

Lifetime Achievement Award

Hosin “David” Lee, University of Iowa, USA

Achievement Award

Carlos Chang, Florida International University, USA

Benjamin Colucci, University of Puerto Rico, USA

Angel Gomez, ICG, Peru

Jorge Pais, University of Minho, Portugal

Forever Distinguished Service Award (Special)

Waheed Uddin, University of Mississippi, USA