• The 2019 International Conference on Smart Cities (2019 ICSC) was chaired by Dr. David Lee, who is the President of International Society for Maintenance and Rehabilitation of Transportation Infrastructures (iSMARTi), on July 17- 19, in Seoul, Korea.
  • The conference was very successful with over 250 people from over 20 centuries.  More Information can be found on the conference website: 
  • Please watch the short clip on Youtube: Vedio Clip
  • iSMARTi successfully organized the 8th International Conference on Transport Infrastructures (ICTI4: Chairman Wynand Steyn) in Pretoria, July 9-10, 2016. On July 9, 2018, President David Lee gave welcoming remarks to the joint ICTI4/SATC conference in Pretoria, South Africa.  Over 600 people attended the joint ICTI4/SATC conference.

  • Starting on May 15, 2018, iSMARTi became a supporting association for SAFERUP! with one of objectives that trains top-level researchers and professionals with high expertise in the fields of recycled, smart and durable paving materials, vulnerable users and road safety, pedestrians accessibility and protection, water management and bioremediation systems, behaviour simulators and life cycle assessment tools, road geothermal energy, energy harvesting and self-sensing technologies. Please visit for more info.
  • Starting on January 1, 2018, MDPI Infrastructures became the iSMARTi’s affiliated journal. President Hosin “David” Lee currently serves as Associate Editor of MDPI Infrastructures journal. Our members will receive a 10–20% discount on article processing fees from the moment the journal will start charging an article processing fee. We recommend our members to publish their papers in MPDI Infrastructures.
  • The iSMARTi successfully organized the first International Conference on Maintenance and Rehabilitation of Constructed Infrastructure Facilities (MAIREINFRA1: Chairman Hosin “David” Lee) in Seoul, South Korea, July 19-21, 2017 with over 250 participants.Please click the following link to download the pictures from 2017 MAIREINFRA conference.

    Please watch the MAIREINFRA video with highlights below.

    • On March 9-10, 2017, President Hosin “David” Lee of iSMARTi gave a keynote presentation at the 8th Pavement Maintenance Technology Congress and the 10th China Asphalt Summit, Shanghai, March 9-10, 2017.


    • The iSMARTi successfully organized the 8th International Conference on Maintenance and Rehabilitation of Pavements (MAIREPAV8: Chairman Tien Fang Fwa) in Singapore, July 27-29, 2016 with over 250 participants.